We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service that is tailored, experienced and thorough. Quality and attention to detail define who we are.

Our Story

Jbit is a Smart Home design company established in 2006.

Working with clients who are conscious about interior design allows Jbit to integrate smart home technologies where architecture and finishing complement the clientʼs design, lifestyle, security and energy saving needs.

Our consultancy teams of computer programmers, designers, electricians, audio visual engineers and architects combine skill sets and create home automation solutions that are both sympathetic to their environments as well as our clients aspirations. They understand how to configure functioning and desirable environments and how to add genuine value.

Jbit emphasis is on all inclusive packages offering exceptional value and speed of installation. Our packages include design fee, project management, installation and after service support thus elevating pressure from the client and gaining a positive return on investment.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service that is tailored, experienced and thorough. Quality and attention to detail define define who we are. We are passionate and proud about our work and that means we give 110% to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Simplicity, Design and Reliability: the 3 key ingredients that are contained in every solution that Jbit develops.

Every device and hardware that the client chooses has to seamlessly fit in every interior. Traditional or minimalist. It does not matter. Home automation is subject to changes as the wishes and needs of the home owner evolve. No problem - every system we develop is designed to grow and adjust to your needs. It forces nothing on you. You decide everything.

Part of the process of designing a smart home solution is the ability to be able to develop your own device interaction software. A subtle blend of performance and user friendliness - that is the starting point for our design team. This philosophy has resulted in Jbit creating user device interaction, that is as sophisticated as it is surprisingly easy to use. Whichever device you wish to control, the interaction follows the same natural process and principles of thought you expect. Without user manuals or hidden tricks. Nothing could be easier.

Every system Jbit designs is meant to work in a decentralised manner, which means that operational reliability is guaranteed at all times. Our solutions are designed to be compatible with future technologies and can always be extended with new functionalities. All our systems are developed using European approved technologies (EIB: European Installation Bus), this ensures that any solution we develop, maintains strict quality standards and is compatible with past, present and future technologies.

We enjoy exceptionally good client relationships. A dedicated handpicked team will follow your project from original sketches to completion.