What A Year!

The economy was undoubtedly on everyone’s mind in 2012. I stopped counting how many times people would ask “how are you doing?” with anticipation of doomsday and tales of woe. But, we made it and to our surprise, 2012 was Jbit’s best year ever. We’ve all had to work a little harder and a little smarter to get ahead. The most important lesson we had to learn was that, no matter the economic situation, when you offer the best service and most innovative solutions compared to any of your competitors, you will always have good business coming your way.

Our biggest projects to date, new services and new partnerships, 2012 was an exciting year for us. I would like to thank all our clients who kept us in business by recommending our services to their friends, colleagues and family. No words can express our gratitude except that we promise to do better and continue to surpass your expectations of what it means to receive great service and innovative home automation solutions.

What can you expect from us this year? Our new partnerships will give us the opportunity to offer you even more comprehensive and exciting solutions. New energy saving solutions, a new website, new smart home designs, new multmedia distribution systems, new user device interaction software and enterprise IT solutions. Yes, Enterprise IT Solution provider! We now have IT contracts with several fund companies in Luxembourg. Our unique solutions and our customer centric focus has provided us with the opportunity to expand our services not only to individual users but to companies as well. We are all so very excited and motivated to continue being the leader in Smart Home systems and Enterprise IT solutions in Luxembourg and beyond.

On behalf of everybody here in Jbit, i would like to wish you all a happy new year. We look forward to serving you.


Something new from Jbit!

We have been working on a project for quite sometime and we are really excited about launching it. Watch this space for more info coming soon.


International School of Luxembourg (Partnership Profile)

Following a successful partnership agreement in which Jbit designed and installed a state of the art conference room for the ISL (International School of Luxembourg), Jbit’s founder and Chief Systems Designer gets featured in the school’s Partnership Newsletter.

We are very happy to be associated with this great school and we look forward to being involved in many great projects in the future.

» Download the Full Article (PDF)


Jbit Does It Again

We have just finished one of the most challenging projects we have ever undertaken. The client gave us the freedom to experiment and push the limits of technology integration, lighting design and energy conservation techniques.

The biggest challenge we faced was on the user device interaction software, the client had requested a user interface for his house similar to the one used on his Yacht. This meant that we had to redesign our current software to meet this need. Software that is normally used in Yachts tend to be proprietary and therefore it meant that we had to develop our own version of the software from scratch and in 2 months!! If that is not a challenge then i don’t know what is :-)). 

The wow factor of the lighting design was provided by installing 228 of he new Philips SSL iW Cove Power LED luminaries in the corridors, walk-in closets, as well as in the entrance lobby. Unlike conventional white light fixtures, iW Cove Powercore allows color temperature control within the range of 3000K to 6500K, offering variable atmosphere with the simple push of a button. They have end to end locking connectors for the continuous streams of light which compliment the sleek contemporary interior design of the house.

What we have learnt from this project will be used in all future projects that Jbit will undertake. Pictures from this project will be posted on this website soon. We would like to thank the family for giving JbIT the opportunity to work on their dream house.

I would also like to thank my team who without their tireless efforts of working 14 hour days, this project would never have come to its successful conclusion. You guys are simply the best.



Growing Stronger

We are pleased to have Mr. Eric Haus  join our team at Jbit.

Eric will offer us his expertise and experience in Gira homeserver software and user interface design for the iPhone and the upcoming iPad. His extensive knowledge of user interfaces and integrating technology using KNX standards will help us deliver rich user device interaction solutions for our customers. His background working in the healthcare industry will also help us design solutions for people with disabilities and solutions that promote wellbeing within your house.