Intelligent, Beautiful, Simple & Functional



What makes us unique and different from other companies is that we have a very unique understanding of how to integrate technology into architecture and interior design. In fact our team pride themselves in not having a standard solution or design as this enables the designs to be individually tailored to the client’s specific lifestyle, budget and design requirements.

We also have a deep understanding of current and future technology trends. This understanding helps us design and integrate various technologies into our clients houses that are future proof. Our clients appreciate this knowledge because they know that the systems we design and install in their homes not only conform to their current use of technology but will evolve with future technologies.  


A highly skilled team of employees including system designers, software developers, computer programmers and support teams form Jbit. We also have a coveted list of exceptional manufacturers who work with us. Our extensive range of expertise ensures that we remain at the forefront of smart home design and integration into modern and luxury homes.

Project Management

Our clients include private clients, developers, architects and interior designers. Each project is completed with an effortless marriage of design, technology and functionality.

Complete Solution

We offer our clients a complete solution. We can provide a complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional technology integrators. Our trademark holistic approach allows us to mastermind projects from conception through completion.

Materials + Detailing  

Whereas other technology integrators only focus on the technology aspect of a project, at Jbit we are obsessed about the beautiful finishes, colour, texture and patterns of various products. How we experience things, the touch and texture of material is just as important as what we see. We believe that technology should not only be functional and easy to use but must also be beautiful and seamlessly blend with the interior design of your house.